Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.34.48 PMSeptember 20, 2013 – The worry over finding a trustworthy crew, captain, or watercraft that you can believe in is finally over thanks to the latest peer reviews feature introduced today on GetMyBoat. GetMyBoat is the world’s fastest-growing peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace, hosting over 10,000 boats in more than 800 locations worldwide. This latest innovation will promote authenticity and security among both boat owners and renters while helping users avoid Captain Jack Sparrow imitators and leaky vessels.

“GetMyBoat users and owners depend on our platform for assurances that folks ‘are who they say they are’ and that their experiences will be memorable. Our reviews feature now adds an additional layer of transparency and builds increased trust,” said Bryan Petro, Head of Product. “We are happy to have created a self-regulating system that strengthens the boating community across both the website and our iPhone app for all customers.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.34.25 PMThis latest development has a two-tiered approach to reviews. Both parties can leave feedback using a five-star rating system along with a comments section. The process encourages increased communication between owners and renters. Users are then better able to determine the best match between potential captains and the desired watercraft. Owners get more information on potential renters as well.

“GetMyBoat is about the sharing economy and creating a safe, comfortable interface that boaters are both confident and excited to use. We strive to give as many people as possible a dependable experience of being out on the water – safe, happy, and secure,” said Sascha Mornell, CEO and Co-founder of GetMyBoat.

Enthusiastically received after launching this spring, GetMyBoat provides the largest representation of rentable boats available online, ranging from kayaks to yachts, from California to Croatia. The site allows boat owners to list their boats at no cost, including photos, boat specs, pricing, capacity, and contact information.

To list your boat today and for more information about GetMyBoat, please visit or email


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