GetMyBoat Gets a Homepage Facelift

The goal of our homepage has always been to create an emotional, visual boating experience—transporting and setting visitors adrift to a tropical destination. As a part of this goal, we’re constantly working to improve, giving our visitors a better experience.

New GetMyBoat HomepageOur new homepage has been expanded to now show a scrolling backdrop of three stunning boating shots. Not only do these additional backdrops provide beautiful views, but they also help identify a few more of our core offerings. The three backdrops portray a sailboat, personal watercraft, and a powerboat. GetMyBoat does offer more than three types of boats for rent on our site and you probably guessed it, we will be adding more amazing backdrops to our homepage—so check back to see what else we have in store!

We didn’t stop there with the additional beautiful backdrops.  We have also been adding some key pieces of information to the homepage as well. If you scroll down on the homepage you will see some additional information on the screen, broken up into three sections. These three sections represent the three types of users that frequent GetMyBoat: Renters, Boat Owners, and Rental/Charter Companies.

Each visitor that comes to our site has different needs and these new signup links (broken out into the three categories), will help ensure that visitors are able to get the most out of GetMyBoat. Now, directly from the homepage, a visitor can sign up as a renter, sign up and list their boat, or sign up for a company account. It’s that simple!

Last but definitely not least, we have put an information banner on our site to help promote safe boating. Everyone at GetMyBoat promotes safe boating and to further spread the word we are proudly displaying some of our safe boating advocates. We encourage everyone that visits GetMyBoat to brush up on their safety by visiting our safe boating partner sites.

While these updates may seem simple and small, we feel like they enhance the experience for all visitors. Remember to check back and see what new amazing boating images we’ll display next on the homepage.