New Messaging Platform

Emailing and messaging are boring topics and for the most part, boring tools to use. We have made this necessary tool more visually attractive, while at the same time still giving you all the functionality you need.

GetMyBoat Messaging PlatformPart of breaking down the barriers for renting a boat is tackling the issue of, “Who is this person messaging me about my boat?” Our new messaging platform allows for a more transparent rental experience. Just by looking at all incoming messages, I can now see an image for the person contacting me, their name, contact details, and any verified social networking accounts. Messages are no longer just text; they can give the receiver an identity from which to associate the message.

From the high level view, we are also displaying the boat, date, and times for which the rental request has been submitted. To add another level of transparency to this, we also are displaying the estimated rental fee and the status of the reservation.

The same trend continues once a user clicks into read the message accompanied with a reservation. Notice all the data in an easy to read format with the entire message thread surrounding a reservation underneath it.

GetMyBoat Message CenterAnother new feature that we have added to the messaging platform is a way for you to delete messages and reservations from your inbox. Please note that we will not allow you to delete a reservation if it is approved. However we will allow you to delete it after the reservation has been fulfilled or if the owner decides to decline the reservation request. If a message is deleted, it will no longer appear in the inbox, messages, or reservation folder. Instead it will appear in the deleted folder, which can be accessed from the all messages view.

Transitioning back to the all messages view, you will also notice that we have introduced a smarter way to filter and store messages. You can now easily see every message in your inbox, filtered by inquires about a watercraft, requested reservations, or all deleted files. To improve on the filtering of messages by type, we have also introduced a way to filter messages by status. As an example, an owner can click on the reservations folder, then click to filter by reservations with a status of pending.

With these new updates, we hope to break down any communication barriers that stand in the way of renters and boat owners.


GetMyBoat Flagging System

At GetMyBoat we take spam, inappropriate content, and the like very seriously. We are always trying to keep our site clean for all users. However, inactive listings and inappropriate content can sometimes slip under our radar.
GetMyBoat Flagging
We have introduced a new feature today, that allows all logged in users the ability to flag content that they feel should not belong on our site. A user can flag boats, companies, and messages.

With this self-monitoring feature, we know that we can accomplish keeping GetMyBoat a safe and fun boating community.

One Small Step for Trust, One Large Step for GetMyBoat

Renting out your prize possession can be difficult, especially when you may not know the renter on a personal level. We are aware of these concerns and are launching our first of many features to help build trust amongst users on GetMyBoat.

Before we get into our new, upcoming features, here are some general guidelines to review when considering potential renters. Before renting your watercraft, you will want to speak with the renter to determine if they are someone you want to do business with. You should figure out the boater’s level of experience operating watercrafts like yours and/or check if they have passed training and safety courses.

Aside from these fundamental screening procedures, we have launched our first step to building a considerably more trustworthy platform.

GetMyBoat User AccountIn every member’s account we have added the ability to connect your GetMyBoat account with three of the most popular social networks. We already let you connect your Facebook account, but now we give you the option to connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Once you accounts are connected, they will display in the new message design when you contact a boat owner or are contacted by a renter.

You might be wondering, “What good verifying your social media accounts will do?” Well, when a renter requests to reserve a boat, we will now display contact information and verified accounts between the renter and owner. Only the owner or the renter will be able to see the other’s information for the accounts they have verified. From here you can now click on the icon for each verified social networking account and be directed to that user’s profile. Right from GetMyBoat, you can click on and review LinkedIn to gather a sense of their professional lifestyle; Twitter for the user’s short microblogging identity; and Facebook for a look into the personal details of the user.GetMyBoat Message Detail

Much can be gained from a quick glance at a social networking account and we hope to give all users the tools necessary to feel more comfortable renting from one another. We will be building on this platform, but this is a first small step to ensuring a safe and trustworthy boating experience on our site.

New Confirm Reservation Page

To continue with the theme of improving usability and communication between renter and owner, we have updated the design of our reservation confirmation page for renters.

When a renter clicks the “Request Reservation” button on the boat listing page, they will now be directed to a clean, one-page design to complete their reservation request. The renter will have a clear view of their message to the owner, make sure the owner has the correct contact info for themself, review the boat details, add helpful information for the owner, and review the rental details.

Reservation Confirmation

This page has been updated to make sure renters have the best chance to get their reservation approved by giving them the outlet to include more information for the owner. While we did add a few more fields to the form, we also made this form so easy to use that you will not even notice the additional fields.

We didn’t stop there. Once a renter completes their reservation, we have also updated the receipt of the request. We are now showing in the receipt the standard rental details like before but have included a few extra handy pieces of information. We added the watercraft details, the owner or renter information, the pickup location on a map, and also the accepted forms of payment.

With our new reservation pages we hope to make communication on the rentals more transparent and easier for everyone to use.

Request a reservation with a boat in your area to see all the fancy updates to the reservation process.

GetMyBoat Photography Program

Boat photos are one of the largest determining factors that a renter will evaluate when deciding between boats to rent. There is a direct correlation between the quality of images posted for a boat and the amount of rentals requests that boat will receive. This is why it is very important to have high quality photos for your watercraft listing.

We know what you are thinking, “What if I don’t have the photographer’s eye and can’t take great pictures of my boat?” This is where our new photographer program comes into play. We have decided to offer a FREE program to get professional photos taken of your watercraft.

If you are a GetMyBoat member and have a boat listed on our site, you now have the resource to request a professional photographer to come out and shoot pictures of your boat. Again, there is NO COST to you, just list a boat with us and you can take advantage of this offer.

PhotogProgramThe process is simple, sign up with GetMyBoat and list your boat with us. Under the section to create a watercraft gallery for your boat, there is a button labeled, “Get Professional Photography”. This button will take you to the page to learn more and apply for this program.

Once you apply for free photography, we will follow-up with you to find the perfect time for the shoot and set up all the necessary details. Once the date is agreed upon, the photographer will come out and shoot your boat. The photographer will then touch up the shots and deliver them to GetMyBoat. We will place a tag, “GetMyBoat verified photo”, on the images and post them to your profile. You will be notified when the photos have been uploaded and published. It is quick, easy, and free!

Sign up for GetMyBoat now to take advantage of this great program.

Updated Design for My Boats Page

Gone are the days of the boring data table display of your boats under the “Manage My Boats” page . We have provided a visually friendly view of all your boat listings into one easy to use table. There is now a thumbnail of the boat listing along with three buttons: Edit Watercraft, Preview Listing, and Schedule & Pricing.
GetMyBoat All Boats Page The button “Edit Watercraft” will direct you to the first step in the edit your watercraft process, “ Preview Listing” will pull up a preview of your boat in a new window, and “Schedule & Pricing” will direct you to the page where you can edit the schedule and price of your boat.

Also in the new view will be the listing status. You can now publish or unpublish a boat from this view, rather than having to go into the edit boat process to publish.

Sign up for GetMyBoat and list your boat with us to check out all the new features we have for listing your boat.

GetMyBoat Featured Listings

GetMyBoat is growing everyday with more users, companies, and boats. With the addition of more listings in our system we recognized the need to offer a featured spot in our search results.

GetMyBoat Featured Listing

For a small fee, your boat or company profile can be listed at the top of the search results page for each location of your choice. This means that your boat or company could be the first listing a renters sees when performing a search.

The featured listing spot not only gives you premium web location but we will also set your listing apart with a green “Featured Listing” badge. This badge will be used to catch renter’s attention and will also correlate to a green pin on the map. Our featured listing program will help get you in front of more renters—and more renters means more earnings.

Applying for this program is easy, learn more here  and apply for a featured spot.

The featured listing program is affordable; we only charge a monthly fee per location of the featured spot. We offer a flexible schedule and allow you to post the same listing in multiple locations, for one or many boats.

If you have alternate advertising ideas you’d like to share with GetMyBoat, please email us at

GetMyBoat’s Enhanced Search Experience

A few weeks ago we announced that we improved our search and listing features by offering international capabilities. It is with immense pleasure that we announce today a whole suite of enhanced search functionalities for GetMyBoat.

Our goal at GetMyBoat has always been to give renters and boaters the best experience possible. These enhancements improve search usability, which means the right boat gets found for the renter.

We will go into the specifics of each update below, but here are the high level features that have been added to our search platform. We added a mini map, two additional views for search results, advanced filtering, and improved search performance/speed.

Say Hello to the Mini Map

GetMyBoat Mini MapThe mini map will give you a quick view of where the boats or rental companies are located on a map. To help identify the search result with its corresponding pin in the map, there is now a number on the top left of each boat image that relates to the pin displayed in the mini map.

We have added the ability to update your search while dragging to new areas in the mini map. All you need to do is click the little checkbox displayed underneath the mini map.

Advanced Filtering
Advanced FiltersAs GetMyBoat has grown and continued to see more boats added to the system, there has been an increasing need to improve the search filters we offer. This increased supply of boats has prompted us to launch a more robust filter set. Directly on the search results page you can search by watercraft type, listing type, feature, and by keyword. When you click into any of the filters on the right hand side, you will also notice a link labeled, “More…”. If you click this link, you will find even more filtering capabilities. Check out all the new filters for yourself because we don’t want to give away all the fun of our new features.

As you select filters, your search will be narrowed down to only watercraft that meet your selected criteria. You will also notice that every filter you have added to the search has been added to its own bar under the sort by option. To remove filters, simply click the “x” next to the added filter and the search results will be updated.

It’s hard to believe the search could get any better, but don’t worry, it does.

Tile View & Map View
GetMyBoat Tile ViewTo improve the ease of searching for a boat to rent we have created two additional views to search through our rentals. The three viewing options are located on the top right of the search page above the mini map. All searches will be set by default to list view.
The new tile view gives a very condensed view of the search results. This view is great to see many boats at once with minimal information.


GetMyBoat Map SearchThe third and final view we are offering is Map view. This view can be used to search by boats as they appear on the map. You can hover over pins on the map to get a quick shot of what boat is listed there. You can click on the quick display to drill into the boat profile.

With these simple edits, you should now have all the tools necessary to find the perfect boat to rent. If you have found something we left out or have suggestions on what we can improve, please email us at